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Complex Logistics

Contracting Officers call on LCG because of our proven track record in tackling and completing challenging projects since 2008. Our expertise in mobilization, resource allocation and planning has enabled for successful completion of critical time-sensitive and geographically-sensitive projects requiring immediate mobilization and allocation of resources including:

2016 - Current LCG provides for mobile offices, mobile showers and restrooms as well as disaster construction and cleanup for FEMA, NPS and USFS throughout the southwest region of the US and Puerto Rico.

2014 - Provided for FBI TEDAC in Huntsville, Alabama: mobilized seven-man landscape crew from Idaho to Alabama to support a time sensitive concrete, landscape and security installation project under top-secret security oversite. LCG completed the project ahead of schedule and greatly exceeded the expectations of the FBI through our exceptional work ethic and logistical capabilities.

2010 - Mobilized 8 man trail crew through 480 miles of Wilderness within the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. LCG provided for support and available resources to be mobilized from four different access points, encompassing over 1200 miles of travel.

2008 - Mobilized 24-man trail crew camp throughout 871 miles of Wilderness in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. LCG utilized pack animals for coordinated drops throughout the Wilderness area to supplement our trail progress with tools, food and necessities. Non-motorized tools for trail clearing, bears and non-compliant weather were daily logistical challenges overcome in LCG successfully completing this contract. Experience and flexibility within our logistical capabilities were the keys to our success.

2002 - Current LCG provides for emergency Danger Tree Removal for the USFS, NPS and VA in response to disaster recovery. LCG has mobilized to 22 states, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and Hawaii to complete expert and safe removal of danger trees and remediate dangerous conditions involving forestry and tree work.

 Logistical experience: 

  • Political
  • Geographical 
  • Economical    
  • Environmental
  • Emergency Response for Disaster Cleanup California, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Puerto Rico.
  • Setting up and providing for man-camps in highly remote areas and disaster recovery areas including mobile offices, mobile showers and mobile restrooms.
  • Allocating warehousing for resource distribution in support of disaster recovery.




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