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Contract Management


Government contracting requires the highest level of competence and professionalism. A correctly managed and completed contracts for any US Federal Agency is the pinnacle of contracting. For nearly 20 years, LCG has been practicing contract management on all levels of Private, Commercial and Public Works construction and services. With our knowledge and experience of the Federal Acquisition Regulations, government platforms, work experience in the field, and process development, LCG has custom built contract management processes designed to make the contracting officer’s job as effortless as possible.

Federal procurement trained project managers are the key to LCG’s success. Time, Scope, Money,Government are the four building blocks of LCG’s Project Management processes. LCG utilizes our trusted and proven employees and resources throughout the United States to support our project mission. On-site presence includes professional tradesmen and superintendents. We ensure vetted, trustworthy and competent subcontractors are utilized when necessary. We will satisfy our US Government client by delivering high quality service, on time and within budget.

 Federal Acquisition Regulations Competency and Experience
 Contract management on-site presence
 Project management on-site presence










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