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Tree Removal and Landscape Construction – BLM, 2019-2020

Project Value: $ 429,234.
Project Location: BLM Rawlins, Wyoming
Project Description: Strip existing landscape, remove trees, replant landscape, site amenities, concrete, fencing, gate automation.

Senator wash guardrail replacement, 2015

Project Value: $410,000
Project Location: Yuma, Arizona 
Project Description: Removed 7900 lnft of cable & post guardrail. Installed steel beam guardrail & posts, shouldered road, poured concrete for erosion control. Design build of guardrail & terminals, design build of guardrail & safety measures in pullout areas. Traffic control, engineering, excavation, demolition, grading, guardrail install.

Landscape Construction, Fencing, concrete. – BLM, 2019-2020

Project Value: $429,234
Project Location: Rawlins, Wyoming
Project Description: Strip existing landscape, remove trees, plant landscape, add site amenities, concrete, fencing, gate automation.

Babby Farms Zoo, 2014

Project Value: $700,000
Project Location: Idaho
Project Description: Design build zoo project to house 18 different species of exotic animals-- entire project including site utilities, site grading, concrete paving, shotcrete, retaining walls, boulder placement, fencing, buildings, enclosures, ponds, water features & filter systems, installed ground cover and landscaping. 




GCVHCS Landscape Maintenance and Services, 2016-2017

Project Value:  $350,000 annual 
Project Location: Biloxi, Mississippi
Project Description: Landscape maintenance, tree pruning, structural cleaning and PSI washing

Twin Falls VA Landscape Maintenance and Services, 2017-2022

Project Value: $55,000
Project Location: Twin Falls, Idaho
Project Description: Landscape maintenance, pest control, snow removal.

BLM Landscape Maintenance BPA- 2010-2018

Project Value: $35,000 annual 
Project Location: Boise, Idaho
Project Description: Grounds maintenance BPA for 16 acre BLM campus and BLM rec sites in Idaho, include irrigation, grounds maintenance, tree trimming/removal. 

Facilities Maintenance and Tree Care - USFS, 2018-2022

Project Value: $175,000
Project Location: McCall, Idaho 
Project Description: Maintain landscape, irrigation, tree care for 5 USFS Facilities

Snake River Canyon National Cemetery 2020-2022

Project Value: $651,350
Project Location: Buhl, Idaho 
Project Description: Cemetery operations & grounds care including; internments, committal services, renovation, maintenance (turf, irrigation, waste management, ponds, walkways, roads, structures), snow & ice removal/prevention, and public ceremony set-up/protocol. 


Tree Work/Forestry:


National Institutes of Standards and Technology Tree work, 2019-Current

Project Value: $371,300
Project Location: Boulder, CO
Project Description: Removal of trees, planting of trees, extension of irrigation drip lines to new trees (where possible), utilization of tree bags to provide adequate water to new trees, provision of tree assessment for all NIST trees to include GPS coordinates, provision of treatment based on outcome of tree assessment. 

Tracen Tree Removal and Prune 2015

Project Value: $177,980
Project Location: Petaluma, California 
Project Description: Remove and prune 175 trees for the US Coast Guard training station. 

Cane River National Historic Park Tree Removal, 2019

Project Value: $75,000
Project Location: Magnolia Plantation 
Project Description: Removed over 100 Trees, forestry mulching and reclamation, barbed wire fence repair

Tree Trimming Services Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery, 2016

Project Value: $49,240
Project Location: Elwood, Illinois 
Project Description: Remove and prune 175 trees, grind stumps, remove waste, landscape repair. 

Tree Trimming Oak Grove, 2017

Project Value: $27,120
Project Location: Texas
Project Description: Sensitive area Prune and process 102 Historic Oak trees in the Historic Oak Grove at LBJ National Historic Park.


Disaster Relief Support:


FT Sam Houston Tree Removal, 2017

Project Value: $45,000
Project Location: San Antonio, Texas
Project Description: Remove and process 45 trees after Hurricane Harvey Damage.

Tuhogar Renace, FEMA

Project Value: $378,000
Project Location: Puerto Rico
Project Description: Inspect 70 structures for damage and repair, provide written SOW and change orders for each structure and complete final inspection for FEMA underwriters. Provided Quality Control management, demolition, security fencing, custom alterations, new roofing, siding, windows, doors, framing, interior cabinetry (stainless/wood), generators, HVAC, and appurtenances to ensure safety and sanitation.

Veterans Administration Disaster Support 2020

Project Value: $260,000
Project Location: Pensacola, Florida
Project Description: Provided security, security barricades, portable restrooms, portable showers, portable hand washing stations, debris cleanup.